Git Commands & Concepts – Demystified (part 3)

Being overwhelmed by Git's commands & concepts is unfortunately not too uncommon. This final post in the small series, aimed at making your life with Git more durable, focuses on branch manipulation!

Git Commands & Concepts – Demystified (part 3)
Photo by Luke Richardson / Unsplash

In this final post in the short series demystifying common commands and concepts with Git, we'll look at some fundamental actions used to manipulate branches and integrate changes.

In the previous posts we've already gone through the overall components of Git, so the illustrations used in this one shouldn't be new to you. However, if you still find them confusing I suggest recapping the first and second post on the subject before continuing with this one.

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Integrating changes

There are a few ways to integrate code changes between branches, where merge and rebase are the two most common operations. Below is a slightly more extended list of commands used for integration work.