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The sole purpose of this blog is to help you cope with Git in your professional life, and maybe even start enjoying working with it for real (like I did)!

Who this blog is for

You're probably a bit like me, and don't consider yourself a "core developer", e.g. you work closer to the end user rather than the underlying machinery. Using Git is more of a side effect from working in a software development team – in a way, it's incidental to your actual job!

You know how to get by on a daily basis (creating branches, making commits, resolving conflicts, etc.), but you're still struggling with becoming completely independent in working with Git; resorting to the local Git guru in your office is becoming annoying.

You probably:

  • Find the terminal (aka command line interface - CLI) frighting and old fashion, and believes many of the Git commands to be cryptic or inconsistent
  • Have given up on digesting the so widely referenced Pro Git Book as it's too comprehensive and into the details
  • Have found yourself traversing numerous Stack Overflow threads in search for enlightenment – only to realise all answers are written to and by "the inner circle"

Don't loose faith – the pit of success awaits!

In this blog I'll try to shed some light on both the conceptual parts of Git in combination with illustrations and hands-on examples, pulling you into the pit of success.

All in all with the end goal of helping you become completely independent in working with Git; so that you can increase your productivity, and start enjoying working with it for real!

Who knows, you might even outshine your local Git guru when you're done reading this blog! 😆

When we're done reading this blog you'll be in a better place then these poor souls! (src: https://xkcd.com/1597/)